For most men, forming a new morning routine can seem trying at best. The reason to start a new routine can vary. Whether it be because of a new job promotion or you are trying to impress a potential, or new mate in your life you may find that it is time for a new morning habit to be introduced into your life. Whatever the reason to start this new routine or habit in your life, it is crucial to keep organized, ensure your give yourself ample time, use the proper tools to ensure success, and to keep things consistent.

Keep It Organized

Now, picture this, what if you took the 15 minutes one day a week to pair up those socks, and then put them in their proper place? How long do you think it would have taken to complete the task of getting ready for work? One of the things I realized through all of this chaos was that disorganization costs time, and time costs money in the business world. Disorganization is the most common issue, and fastest path to failure with any routine when attempting to begin a new routine. However, perfection is not the key here, simply getting all the tools in one spot is the goal here.

Wake Up Earlier

The truth is, taking time out of your day to dedicate to a habit or routine in paramount to its success. However, if you find yourself having a hard time making ample time for this new desire, start by giving yourself 5 extra minutes before you start your day. After 3 – 5 days, increase it by 3 – 5 minutes. It is the small victories that give us the motivation to keep going. People who are dedicated to going to the gym everyday had a hard time at first. It almost seemed impossible, until that one day they walked past a mirror and noticed a change in their physique. Then they because dedicated to the cause. Note, when you start your new routine, you may find that you will need almost 30 minutes to complete the assigned task. However, as time progresses you will transition from effective to efficient and end up having an extra 5 – 10 extra minutes. Neat huh?

Use Proper Tools & Technique

If you are going to start growing and/or maintaining a beard you need to understand, it takes time to get it right. Especially if you have a longer beard. The dreaded Bed-beard will make you want to go insane. I would know. The tools proper tools to fix that are afforded to me to ensure I get the same result every time. However, what are tools without the knowledge to properly weald them. How can you effectively trim your beard if you have never researched and gained the knowledge to use them? That is why I write these articles. You may think that these are just fluff stories with no practicality. However, every article I write is based on the lessons I have learned in my journey of growing out my beard. As well as, countless hours researching the material so I can give you accurate details to help you succeed.

Consistency is Key

Sometimes, the hardest part is the energy to muster onward. In other words, not giving up. Expert suggest that it can take someone approximately 21 times before a habit can be formed. If you are crunching the numbers like myself, that is three weeks to begin forming a habit. That can seem like forever when you are starting to become discouraged. Now if you have a significant other or live with other people, they may be able to help. Letting them know your attempts to begin a new regiment or process may assist itself in them being able to encourage or motivate you to persist. However, if you do not live with anyone, reach out to your friends and colleagues for help and/or motivation to succeed.

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